Umunwanyioma Oma

We are a vibrant and diverse multicultural group that has been a part of the Union since its inception. In 2019, we elected our first women’s leader, Mrs. Christy Amalu, and today the group is led by Mrs. Adaego Alfred.

Who We Are

Our primary aim is to support one another, our husbands, and children, while also celebrating and preserving integral aspects of Igbo women’s roles. We aim to promote our tradition, history, language, food, dance, and fashion within our group and to other communities.

Our group comprises women from various academic backgrounds and professions, including housewives, working women, and women from other ethnic married to Igbo family. We come together to support, pray for, respect, and love our families, providing a feminine touch to projects and initiatives.

Unity is at the core of our group, and we strive to be positive role models for the next generation. We stand by each other during significant life events such as weddings, birthdays, childbirth, and times of difficulty.

Regular communication through our WhatsApp Group allows us to discuss and deliberate on various matters. We come together twice a year for meetings and dance practices in preparation for our annual end-of-year party.

Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans to collaborate with like-minded groups to host the first National Igbo Women’s Conference in the UK. We also aim to organize empowering seminars on topics relevant to women in today’s dynamic world and showcase our culture through traditional dances while raising funds for charitable causes.

Together, we are committed to upholding our traditions, supporting one another, and empowering women within our community.