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Igbo Union Milton Keynes (IUMK) is a socio-cultural group and charity organization established in July 2012. Our official inauguration took place on September 25th, 2016. Based in Milton Keynes, we are a diverse community of Igbo people originally from the southeastern part of Nigeria, but with a global presence.

The vision of IUMK is to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of Igbo cultural heritage, particularly among our children and the wider community.

We are on Big Family

While integrating into British society, our mission is to bring together Igbo people in Milton Keynes as one big family. We are dedicated to promoting Igbo values, language, traditions, and norms within our community and among the other communities we interact with.

The Igbos are known for their republican nature, as exemplified by the old Igbo adage “Igbo enwero Eze” (Igbos have no kings). We embrace the spirit of democracy, entrepreneurship, a can-do attitude, and a strong sense of tradition. These values are fostered and promoted within our community and the larger community we serve.

about iumk

IUMK organizes various socio-cultural events every year, involving both adults and children. These events include BBQs, fun days with sporting activities and cultural dances, as well as showcasing our cuisine to the general public through barbecues and traditional Igbo delicacies. We also organize seminars on topics such as health, education, investment opportunities, and business interests, in collaboration with our local council.

The year culminates in our highly anticipated Christmas party, a grand event featuring food, drinks, and various cultural activities that showcase our robust and vibrant traditions to the public.

We hold general meetings on the last Saturday of every month, and membership of the union is open to the entire Igbo diaspora, friends of Ndigbo, and anyone who appreciates the Igbo way and culture.

IUMK is proud to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Igbo people, including our traditional men masquerade and the Umunyanyi oma dance.

The men masquerade is a significant aspect of Igbo culture and represents the spirits of ancestors. These masquerades are adorned with elaborate costumes and masks, and their performances are accompanied by traditional music and dance. The men masquerade plays a vital role in cultural ceremonies, festivals, and other important community events, adding a touch of mystique and cultural significance.

Umunyanyi oma dance

The Umunyanyi oma dance, also known as the “beautiful maidens dance,” is a traditional Igbo dance performed by young women. It is characterized by graceful movements, rhythmic steps, and synchronized choreography. The dancers wear colorful attire and often carry traditional props such as fans or baskets as they perform. The Umunyanyi oma dance is a celebration of femininity, beauty, and the vibrancy of Igbo culture.

At IUMK, we recognize the importance of preserving and promoting these cultural practices. We regularly incorporate the men masquerade and Umunyanyi oma dance into our events and festivals, providing an opportunity for our members and the wider community to experience the richness and beauty of Igbo traditions.

Welcome to our website, and we hope you find something that inspires you to embrace the Igbo spirit and culture.

Che! Che! Che! Igbo kwenu!!