President's Welcome Message

Welcome to Igbo Union Milton Keynes (IUMK)!

We are thrilled to extend our warmest greetings to all visitors of our website. Established in 2012 and officially inaugurated in 2016, IUMK stands as a vibrant socio-cultural group and charity organization serving the Igbo community in Milton Keynes and beyond.

At IUMK, we are dedicated to fostering unity among Igbo people while promoting our rich heritage, language, and traditions. Through a variety of events and activities, we celebrate the values of democracy, entrepreneurship, and tradition that define us as a community.

Our website serves as a gateway to explore the diverse cultural offerings and initiatives of IUMK. Whether you’re a member of the Igbo diaspora, a friend of Ndigbo, or simply someone who appreciates Igbo culture, we invite you to explore our events, learn about our traditions, and discover opportunities to get involved.

Join us in celebrating the beauty and spirit of Igbo culture. Che! Che! Che! Igbo kwenu!!

Warm regards,

Uchenna Odunukwe

President, Igbo Union Milton Keynes