IUMK has accomplished a great deal over the years. Here are some of our notable achievements:


Participation in record events:

We have participated in record-breaking events, such as the longest line of food cans, organized by the MK Food Bank. Our contribution helped raise awareness and support for important causes PUTTING MILTON KEYNES FOOD BANK IN WORLD GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORD

Charity and Social Work

We actively support and participate in charity and social work in Milton Keynes and its surrounding areas. This includes donating food items to the local food bank, volunteering our time and resources to other charitable organizations, and organizing fundraising events for causes such as cancer research.

Established a strong network:

We have successfully engaged with other similar organizations across the UK, creating valuable connections and partnerships

Cultural preservation and promotion:

As a registered charity, our objective is to educate, preserve, and promote the knowledge and appreciation of Igbo cultural heritage and customs. We achieve this through regular events and meetings that showcase our traditions and customs.

Poverty alleviation:

We are committed to the preservation and relief of poverty in disadvantaged areas of southeast Nigeria. Through various initiatives and projects, we aim to make a positive impact and improve the lives of those in need.

Support for members:

We provide support and assistance to our members in difficult times, ensuring they have a strong support system within the IUMK community.

Entertainment and cultural performances:

We have performed and entertained adults at various events, including wedding ceremonies and burial ceremonies. Our cultural performances showcase the vibrancy and beauty of Igbo traditions.

Annual cultural events:

We have successfully organized and executed annual Igbo Cultural Day Events and New Yam Festivals in Milton Keynes. These events promote community cohesion and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Igbo people.

Bridging the generation gap:

We actively engage our adult and youth members through various activities, such as Family Fun Day and teaching and learning the Igbo language. This helps bridge the generation gap and ensures the preservation of our traditions for future generations.

Charitable donations:

We make donations to nominated charities in the Igbo states of Nigeria, supporting orphans, motherless babies, and disabled individuals in the community.

We're a positive impact in our community

IUMK is a growing organization with a vision for a diverse Milton Keynes that embraces core British values. We are committed to being an active and visible part of the Big Society, sharing knowledge, embracing new ideas, and making a positive impact in our community.